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Living Life in 2-Hour Increments

Hi world! I've been writing this post in my head for quite some time...and am finally getting a little bit of time to semi-organize these thoughts and write them down.

Let me start off by saying that motherhood has changed me for the better already and I absolutely love being a mom. I never thought I could love & want to protect someone so much (still love you enormous amounts too, J!). But let me be real -- living my life 2 hours at a time can be a little draining while caring for little Tater.

Originally I started this off by going through my typical/average day...but honestly it seemed boring (though it's anything less than that!) and this became more of a book than a post. Basically, trying to accomplish things while confining yourself to 2 hours at a time (if that) because of feeding a human being from your body is...exhausting. Sometimes after Mason eats he's still awake and wants to be held for a little, and once he falls asleep I notice that in about 20-30 minutes I have to wake him up again to feed him.

Sleep when the baby sleeps? More like sleep never. Give me a latte and I'll try to keep powering through. Clean the house? Maybe, while he's in his Moby wrap or Ergobaby carrier. Cook? Sure, but then trying to eat after cooking seems like an Olympic sport. Read a book? That's funny (I got a book a week after he was born thinking I'd read on maternity leave. I've currently gotten through chapter 1 in 8 weeks.). Getting back into shape & my "original body"? LOL.

Boob or bottle, motherhood ain't no easy task fellow mamas. I think the important thing to remember is to ditch any kind of societal expectations -- whether it's that you're supposed to be back in shape already, or pressured to accept every stretch mark, scar, and extra pound on your "new" body (hey, I know I haven't yet, and I don't think that makes me any less of a mom or person), or how long you're supposed to bfeed for (or bfeed at all!). Everything is your choice, your body, your baby -- and your best IS good enough.

I literally have no idea what day it is but I DO know I only have 3 weeks left at home with my little fart monster (yup said it) and that makes me v sad. Is there a Real Housewives of Delaware casting call that I can try out for at all? I think I'd be a great asset. Also I've been watching way too much reality TV that I'm starting to think I'm actually a Real Housewife...

Cheers to you all & whatever day of the week it is!! XO

He looks/is so big already!! :(

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