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Baby Registry: What I'm Thankful We Registered For

When we started our baby registry a few months ago, we had NO idea what we really, truly needed. We knew we needed a crib, changing table & rocking chair but didn't know what else was important.

We registered on BabyList -- you can add links from any website (including places like Etsy!) all on one website. This was perfect for us because we liked a few things from a lot of different retailers and didn't want to register at 5 or 6 different places.

I'm sharing with all of you mamas-to-be what we are SO thankful we registered for & received that has been truly life-saving for us. And our sanity.

*Side note: we are of course thankful for EVERYTHING we registered for & received as gifts! These are just a few of the top items we love that we use basically everyday :)

I linked all of the products below! XO

1. Mamaroo by 4moms

We put Mason in this swing multiple times a day, every day! He loves this thing. It has 6 different swing settings, and 5 speed settings. You can even hook up music to it! Mason's favorite setting is the Car Ride swing -- it helps to soothe him when he's a little fussy (unless he's hungry...we learned there's no stopping that fuss until there's milk!) and eventually rocks him to sleep. He's now getting more interested in the mobile that hangs above, especially the little mirror :)

2. Bassinest bassinet by Halo Sleep

Let me start out by saying that the Halo Sleep products we have so far are the BEST! We didn't know that in addition to a crib we also needed a bassinet. Okay maybe not NEEDED but strongly suggested to get. This bassinet swivels all around and over the bed, which makes it PERFECT for those middle-of-the-night feedings when I'm half asleep -- no getting out of bed needed. There's also a music setting, a light, sounds & a little vibrating motion to help "rock" them to sleep.

3. Night Light by VAVA

Okay this was John's clutch find. Rather than trying to fumble in the dark at 4AM for a light switch when our little babe is crying, J was determined to find some kind of touch light/lamp. Shockingly there aren't many out there...and then he stumbled upon this little gem. Double-tap to turn it on & off, and leave your hand on the top of the light to increase or decrease the amount of light. It's also a nice soft, warm light so it's not harsh on our eyes or Mason's. This was an unexpected but lucky find for sure!

4. Baby Sound Machine by Big Red Rooster

We sleep with this thing on every night! There are 6 sound settings, but we choose the white noise setting each time. The white noise apparently gives newborns the same sound they hear while in the womb and is calming for them. I have to say I may steal it soon for when mama needs a little relaxing bath & play some soothing ocean sounds :)

5. Sleep Sack by Halo Sleep

Another win from Halo! Mason has been able to wiggle himself out of every swaddle except this wonderful product. Mamas: if there's ANYTHING you register for or buy, THIS IS THE PRODUCT. Mason sleeps 4-5 hours A NIGHT in this thing!!! I sometimes have to wake him up in the middle of the night to feed him. It's so soft & snuggly, and it wraps him up just tight enough so that he feels safe and secure. I said it before & I'll say it again -- the person who thought of & designed this product deserves a huge hug.

6. Baby Monitor by Infant Optics

I love being able to see our little guy from anywhere in the house! This portable video monitor connects to your WiFi, and even has a "talk" button (this is helpful when we see Maddie getting a little too close to Mason right freaks her out haha). This was one of those products where we honestly didn't know what brand was best and went off of Amazon reviews (it was rated a preferred Amazon choice). So far it has worked wonderful for us and we are satisfied!

7. Moby Wrap

It's sooo helpful to wrap Mason up in this thing and be able to walk with him around the house and have FREE HANDS! This is especially nice when he's a little fussy and just wants to be close but I want to feel productive. I also used this a few weekends ago at my cousin's baby shower when breastfeeding him -- a nice little privacy shield while still being able to be around everyone.

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