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Maternity Shoot!

Hello & Happy New Year lovelies! A little late to the game but the past few months have been...welll......cold. And challenging. But I'm back, weirdly reenergized (while also being v tired everyday) and just excited to share some things about these last few weeks of my pregnancy AND this AMAZING maternity shoot.

My sister-in-law Lindsay started a photography gig with her good friend Laney -- Lena Grae (it's a combination of both of their daughters' names, how cute?!). 1. You NEED to follow them on IG (@lenagraephotography) and 2. You NEED to book them for a shoot! Family, maternity, newborn, fashion/blogger, any & all of it!

She brought the idea up to me about doing a shoot and I thought why not, it'll be fun! Kids it was so much more than fun, I loved every single darn minute of it! And the fact that J was a REAL trooper throughout everything was an added bonus.

Now for the mushy stuff (warning: this gets long :) ).

I have absolutely loved my third trimester, my favorite by far. Not just because it's getting closer to Tater's due date & getting to meet him, but just from a personal perspective. During my second trimester my hormones were ALLLLLL over the place, and all the extra energy I had was being channelled very negatively. I was turning into a person I really didn't want to be & wasn't proud of, I didn't want to talk to or be around anyone, I cried all the just wasn't, well, me. Long story short & with a LOT of help & support from J, my family & doctors I got into some good practices that have helped me a lot. Prenatal exercise & yoga classes, aroma therapy, eating better/limiting sugar (ok i still eat ice cream & pancakes, fine) and trying to spiritually center myself. I just wanted to be better not only for my own sanity but so I wI now feel so much more calm, so much happier & more like myself...and it's helped in so so so many areas of my life. If you're feeling the same way during your pregnancy, just know that you're not a bad person & don't beat yourself up about it. But definitely talk to your doctor, talk to your family, take care of yourself & that baby.

So with ALL of that being said, I wanted to share a few of my favorites from this shoot (it was *so* hard to choose just a few because they're all beautiful!!). I hope you enjoy them as much as I have :)


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