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Striped Dress

Recently my bump-to-clothing ratio is becoming more like some kind of weird economic graph -- as le bump grows, the number of options in my closet get smaller (insert wide-eyed embarrassed emoji). I never realized how much high-waisted jeans and shorter tops I owned haha!

Tips on dressing a growing bump? Sorry gals, I don't have any except dress for YOU and what makes YOU comfortable. I'm loving stretchy dresses, and any shirt/sweater that's long enough to cover the bump (and a cardigan that's long enough to cover this growing butt haha). At home I honestly wear the same pair of *extremelyyy* comfortable maternity leggings and shirt -- I'm 100% okay with that. Mama's on a tight budget now, and if it means sacrificing my lounge attire I'm pretty okay with that too.

Soon I'm going to do a review of different types of maternity pants/jeans, juuust in case you were wondering about different types (is there a difference?!) and which I prefer most.

Can you guys believe it's truly the holiday season? I feel like each year it creeps up earlier & earlier. Before Halloween J & I were trying to get ideas for the baby registry and saw Christmas chinawear in a department store, I was SO surprised!!! What do you guys want to see most? Gift guides? Holiday wear?

Happy Hump Day XO Outfit details linked below (PS this dress is non-maternity ;) even if you are preggo I recommend getting your normal size. I sized up and regret it!)

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