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Preggo Chronicles: The Snoogle

Let me start out by saying that I have always been a pro-nap, late-sleeping human being (not a morning person AT ALL), so it's no surprise that my desire to snooze & snuggle have only been amplified over the past few months.

I've had increased back pain, which unfortunately has really put a damper in my restful beauty sleep....and with the limited amount of caffeine a preggo is allowed, I was extra tired. And extra cranky.

J surprised me with a Snoogle and it was as if he bought me a pair of Louboutins -- I was so. Freaking. Excited. I sleep with it EVERY night now, and even bring it downstairs to our couch to lay on if I'm reading a book or we're watching a movie.

The white cover it comes with IS removable & can be washed, but a warning that it's quite tricky (and time-consuming) to get back on. They do make more covers to go on top of the original if you wish, but I think the original is just fine & comfortable on it's own.

Mamas-to-be: this is something I HIGHLY recommend to help get a good night's sleep and make yourself as comfortable as possible (actually, even if you're not expecting. This pillow is every napper's dream!).

Links to the Snoogle, PJs & my sleep mask are included below.


Maddie insisted on being part of this shoot, and wanted some snuggle time. This is rare for her to want to snuggle/be snuggled at all, so I let it happen :)

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