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I originally started out this post on a "holy crap look how much weight I've gained" note...but then I saw this little bump action and thought HELLO I'M GROWING A HUMAN. So I'm cutting myself a little slack...and amping up my number of daily squats just in case.

I've been kindddd of obsessed with ASOS a little more than usual recently, their prices on clothes & accessories are just incredible! And their maternity section is ev-er-y-thing -- SO much to choose from and actually trendy for affordable prices. Unfortunately this little frilly number sold out, but I've linked a few similar options from them that I think you're gonna like just as much.

I have to say I *finally* ordered an umbrella after losing mine about a year ago (oh, I also don't own a hooded rain jacket either). Clearly I know there are a LOT of worse things in like that could happen...but I have to admit I am pretty pumped to receive this sucker (thank youuuu Amazon Prime).

On another random note, Maddie's birthday was Sunday and I'm still in denial that my little fur baby is 4!!! She still looks/acts like like a puppy to us, but man she is the best. I'm so interested to see how she acts around her new sibling in a few months ;)

Wishing you guys a fab rest of the week! XO

(My booties are from Zara last year -- I tried to look for a similar pair but have failed! If I stumble across any I'll definitely post them ASAP!)

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