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February 24, 2017

I'm not gonna lie, I didn't know how to start this post so I'll start with this:


I ate half a donut today (trust me, I wanted to eat the whole damn box). A beautiful, delicious, cakey donut with delicious icing from Federal Donuts....and if you're a Philly native you know this is *the* place to get your donut fix. Or at least that's how I feel, not living in Philly :)  PS if anyone lives in the Wilmington, DE area that's reading this...hook a girl up with a good donut place, pretty please!




I love love love this top for many reasons:


1. It has fancy ruffles, which..

2. Makes me feel fancy

3. It's $20 (yup you read that right)


This blouse also fits true to size (I bought/am wearing an XS), except if I eat too many donuts then, well, it won't. My jeans however ARE a tad bit big, so if you plan on getting these bad boys I suggest sizing down. I'm a true 26 and these wear a little baggier than I'd like them to (whichhhh....make me look slightly bigger than I am, though I'm no Gisele).


**Also my shoes were once referred to as "elf shoes" which I'm totally cool with because honestly these are some pretty kickbutt elf shoes (Santa -- hit me up. Your elves need new kicks).



You made it to the weekend beauties, time to celebrate you and this gorgeous weekend we have coming up!



blouse: shein | jeans: 3x1 | shoes: raye | lip: nars (in 'mysterious red')



















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