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My First Facial Experience

Last weekend I tried something I had never, ever experienced before (nor did I think I ever needed to): I got a facial.

And it. Was. Amazing.

Honestly the reason why I never got a facial up until this point is because I (luckily) don't really have bad skin, and just assumed I didn't need to get one. I had also heard about experiences where some people's faces would be red & irritated a few days after a facial....and I was NOT about that.

I got my facial at The Skin Studio in Wilmington, which is inside the My Salon Suite building. If you live in the area you may have driven past it a few times & probably wondered what kind of salon it was. My friends, it's not just one salon. It's MULTIPLE salons under one roof with all different kinds of services, and all individually owned (think of it like a medical pavilion with multiple doctors' offices, all with different specialties). My hair stylist (Studio Lala) is actually in the same about convenience!

Stephanie, the owner of The Skin Studio, was absolutely incredible from beginning to end. I told her about my slightly sensitive skin and she REALLY took that into consideration throughout the entire process. She answered all my questions before we started, and I felt SO comfortable going into my facial. Stephanie even explained each part of the facial, what she was putting on my face & how it would work on my skin, so any fears of "mystery products" flew right out the window.

Stephanie, owner of The Skin Studio.

I planned on having some pics taken of me in my masked face but I'm not gonna lie......I was way too relaxed to even flinch for my camera & ask. I'm sure you can understand why ;)

I was anticipating a little redness right after (even if just for a few hours) and I was okay with that. But when I looked in the mirror I saw just my new, beautifully smooth skin and that's it! The entire experience was nothing short of perfect and incredible. I know I will definitely be back again to make this part of my skin regimen to keep my skin smooth and glowing.

Now GO & book your appointment! If a facial/spa treatment isn't up your alley & looking for other services, contact a My Salon Suite nearest to you to see what other services they provide and book an appointment. I promise you will not be disappointed :)

Fact: I use anti-aging night cream, and have been for the past few years! Though I'm only in my 20s, starting an anti-aging regimen now is apparently super beneficial. Stephanie suggested I also start using an eye cream as well. That is next on my Birchbox order :)

Maddie wanted in on some anti-aging night cream.

This is me: no makeup & bad hair. Eeek! At least my skin looks great :)

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