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For you, yes you

A resounding theme on TMS, but I'm back after a few busy weeks (they're not letting up anytime soon either!). I've done a little thinking recently about this place, and as narcissistic as it sounds, I want to engage more people -- you especially! I love, love, love talking about fashion, looking at fashion, dreaming about fashion (literally, it happens..for work purposes or not), but I want this to become more than just that.

So I ask you, fellow readers (hopefully there's a few of you out there haha) -- what do you want besides outfit posts?! What do you look for?! I've thought of adding the below categories in addition to outfits, so let me know a thumbs up or thumbs down...or something completely different :)

-FOOD: I can always tell when I'm hungry on Pinterest, it's always buffalo chicken-something, dessert or tacos. I am amazing at cooking all of these things, but even better at buying pints of ice cream.

-"Wishlist Wednesday": I've thought about this for awhile now. Trust me, my wishlist is lengthy and VERY, very wishful....can a girl get a pony please?! Moving on.

-Beauty/reviews: OK, so I'm not a beauty expert by any means, but I have my favorites and am slowly branching out to products to improve the health of my hair & eyelashes. My makeup/beauty "routine" is extremely simple, but I'm more than willing to share & try products you lovelies recommend too! Also, if someone can teach me how to contour....thanks.

-I would say health & fitness but I'm clearly not on that level yet. I have a Fitbit and go to the gym twice a week....give a girl some time. But also give me tips on how I can get abs in like a week while still eating burritos.

LET ME KNOW! Seriously! Comment below, email me (, comment on my IG (@tullemesomething), send a pigeon carrier -- whatever works for you! I love doing this because it's a place for me to share what I love in hopes that you love it too :)

romper: jcrew factory| bandana: urban outfitters | shades: karen walker | sandals: dolce vita

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