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Tulle Me Something

I have to admit I've been in a sort of "blog funk" recently. I thought about blaming this 2 week hiatus on the holiday season, being too busy, work...which are all pretty valid....but it's just not true.

I started Tulle Me Something at the beginning of this year to try something new, almost like starting a new hobby. I wanted to share my love for fashion and my own personal style with others, and not in a way that says "This is how you should dress, JUST like me" or "THIS is the correct way to wear these jeans"...but more of just an expression of, well, me.

The past few weeks have been a little challenging for me. I've had a number of negative thoughts & temper tantrums about the blog, some of which included the following:

"UGH we didn't have time for pictures today" (I know you've all seen the "Husbands of Instagram" video. I can only hope I'm partially guilty & not that demanding! But that vid is HIL-arious)

"These shots are too blurry"

"Maddie get out of the picture"

"I look so fat in all of these"


"Maddie get out of the picture"

"I wish I could easily change the layout of the blog"

"I haven't posted in 3 days, this blog is going nowhere"

"Maddie get out of the picture"

I even got to a point recently where I thought about deleting the blog altogether.

I'm now laughing at all of these (especially with Maddie) because IT'S SO STUPID. J literally takes time out of his own, on the weekends, TO HELP ME. He's actually gotten pretty good with the DSLR, something his dad was phenomenal at!! He is the one who pushed me to started TMS because it made me happy, something I loved doing just to do. I think I've gotten so caught up in "What do I wear in case I can sneak a picture in" or "How can I get more followers"....essentially, having a second job.

So there's that. And if this isn't your cup of tea then hey, no hard feelings, thanks for reading this far! But I think I've had some time to really, I mean REALLY think about why I'm doing this blog....and I'm back in that place :) I am. 27 years old, living in Delaware, and an aspiring style blogger who loves her dog & wears tulle skirts in the middle of a park to catch some cool shots. But I can't see it being fun any other way :)

Stay tuned for more. Because trust me...there will be more.



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